Guide: Create a Verge Paper Wallet

If you've already purchased Verge Coins, the question is how to keep them safe in the long term.If you want to use your coins more often, probably one of the many desktop wallets is right for you. 

If you consider at least part of the Verge Coins as a long-term investment, I think the safest and best solution is an offline Paper Wallet to keep your coins safe.

In the following, we therefore discuss the creation and use of Verge Paper Wallets:

To get to the official Verge Paper Wallet Generator, you need to type in your browser (or you can simply click here).

Now you reached the online version of the Paper Wallet Generator. Since you usually create a Paper Wallet so you can store your Verge Coins offline and with the utmost security, you should take 2 minutes of your time and create the Paper Wallet offline as well. For this you have to download the wallet generator first. You can do this by clicking on "Secure Download (.ZIP file)" in the lower right corner. Save the file in a local folder to which you also have offline access (so no cloud folder).

Next, turn off your WiFi and/or remove the network connector so your computer is no longer connected to the Internet. 

After unzipping the folder you will see the following files:

Click on Index.html and your browser will open offline with the following page:

Now move the mouse cursor over the screen somehow until you get to the next page (the movements create a unique code). Now comes the final creation of the Paper Wallet:

In the first step you should make calibrations, so that the expression becomes optimal. 

In the second step you see the core of your Paper Wallet. At the bottom left is your Private Key (including the QR code), which you need if you want to send Verge from your Wallet to another Wallet / Exchange. In the middle above is your public key or public address, where you can receive payments / can be sent to Verge. If you do not trust the Private Key (and public key associated with it) generated by the cursor movements, you can generate a random random private key ("Random Generate New Wallet") or your own at the top left of the page Create a combination of characters / words ("Enter my own key ..."), which is then converted into a private key using a SHA-256 function (the public key is always derived from the private key using various cryptographic functions -> vice versa) mathematically impossible to trace back the private key from the public key). Now you have your keys ready and can print the paper wallet (top right on "PRINT WALLET FRONT").

 In the third step you can print a "back" on the back of your expression (purely cosmetic, has no use)

The fourth and final step is cutting and folding your Paper Wallet (also not mandatory).

Optional: To further enhance security, you can now also delete the Paper Wallet Generator from your hard drive before turning the Internet back on to your computer.

Of course, storing an empty wallet does not really make sense, so here is an explanation of how to transfer your Verge Coins to the wallet:
1. Log in to the Crypto Exchange where you are currently storing your Verge Coins. 
2. Go to your Wallet and click on Withdraw/Send/Transfer (different names on different exchanges).
3. Send your Verge Coins to the Public Key of your Paper Wallets (you can find this in the middle above). If you want to be sure that it works, first send a small amount and later the remaining Verge.
 4. Wait a few minutes and you can see/check your now filled wallet in Verge Blockchain at (copy public key into search field).

Now you're done! 

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