XVGmag.com started as a side project from within the Verge community, trying to create an inspiring and cool hangout for everyone who supports Verge in it's journey to become the best cryptocurrency in the world.

XVGmag.com was well received during the first days of it's existence, giving us the fuel and power to keep building on our project. Established in Februari 2018, XVGmag.com is the first magazine website about Verge and the best source for Vergecurrency news, information and expert commentary on Vergecurrency, blockchain technology and the digital currency industry.

Who owns XVGmag.com

XVGmag.com is owned by the verge community, who get the chance to compose and publish their Verge stories and articles.

Who founded XVGmag.com?

XVGmag.com is the first publication devoted exclusively to Verge. Founder Ricardo Thomas (follow), published his first article in Februari 2018.