Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Verge Partnership Company Insiders

Sunerok has stated across a variety of mediums that:
  • This partnership will be one of, if not THE biggest partnership in crypto. 
  • That this partnership will change international perception of crypto 
  • That this partnership will send Verge into the TOP 3 rankings on CMC (meaning that XVG will rise in value to $1.55 minimum following this announcement).  
A verge insider today even stated on Twitter that the partnership will change the world.

Full disclosure, in that I am largely invested in XRP. I have total faith and zero doubt in Ripple...but Verge is something I have kept a close eye on for eight months now. I was drawn to Verge because the team does not walk to the beat of the crypto world’s drum. There’s a level of arrogance and confidence within the team that has become alluring. I feel that Verge have engaged anyone within crypto who have ever felt disdain for the system. To a degree, is that not why crypto was created in the first place? Verge stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons, and the creators do not care. They are not trying to be the next Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, because they have their own, original plan. XVG is a highly advanced, privacy-optional, modern Bitcoin, at less than a fraction of the price with a world-wide market just waiting for adoption. For mine, that is a reason to invest.

In regard to the crowdfunding and announcement on the 17th...I have read all that there is to read on this. I’ve studied XVG religiously for a sign that this upcoming partnership is or is not legitimate. I’ve watched yesterday’s interview a number of times. You can tell a lot from a person’s body language and expressions. My gut feel is that Verge have struck gold and have been able to prove to a huge international company the power of crypto by crowdfunding 75 million coins in four days. Sunerok’s body language during the interview suggests that he might be struggling to contain his excitement...that he is on the cusp of this major worldwide deal and this is almost as suprising to him as it will be to the rest of us come April 17.

One thing I know is that humans value privacy across all aspects of their lives. At home, at work, when they’re on holiday, when they make purchases. Now that Wraith has shown what it is capable of, perhaps it’s that CHOICE of privacy that Verge can provide that may be so irresistable to a company that understands what the market desires. There is an international company out there that understands human desire for privacy...and they are about to become the very first to tap in.

If this is the case then it should become TOTALLY APPARENT IN THE NEXT 7-10 DAYS, whether this partnership will in fact change crypto, be the biggest deal in crypto history and propel XVG INTO THE TOP 3 (as stated by the Verge creators)...as big-business insiders ALWAYS get the scoop before the general public. The company doing the deal with Verge will have top level insiders who will invest HEAVILY into XVG in the days leading up to the 17th. This is always the case in the stockmarket. It’s always the case in overseas markets.

Leaking information on partnerships, listings and deals has become the norm in crypto too. Look at the Coinbase insider trading in the few days before Bitcoin Cash. Those employees and their friends and families made a killing. I would suspect that hundreds of insiders made life-changing money on that listing alone. Yet this is but one of many announcements and Verge have stated that this announcement on the 17th will be the BIGGEST IN CRYPTO HISTORY. The allure of financial freedom is too strong. The fact that crypto is not yet regulated makes the case for ‘insider-based trading’ even stronger. There is very little risk for those who share information in regard to this deal. If this partnership is as big as stated, massive money will enter the XVG market unlike anything we have ever seen. If the deal is real, the price will fucking explode.

When money is involved and where next-level system-changing business deals are concerned, those in the know will ALWAYS, ALWAYS invest in their best interests and the will ALWAYS inform those closest to them. If XVG is about to be used as currency on an international level, watch as the value increases to a level where people are scared to invest...they will not believe the that the price will continue he to rise.

In this case, if XVG accelerates rapidly in volume and value over the next couple of weeks, you will be able to tell without a doubt what is happening. My personal opinion is that it would be normal for the value to reach 15c before the announcement. If the value reaches above the ATH of 28-30c BEFORE the announcement...then put everything including the kitchen sink on Verge and XVG announcing the crypto deal of the century come April 17. Insiders in and around the company in question will already have their plan and money in place, before the rest of us hear a thing.

I will be watching the daily volume and the value very carefully BEFORE the 17th, as this will be the sign of the legitimacy of Sunerrok’s comments, the crowdfunding campaign and the impending international world-wide partnership as a whole.

By RippleMania on Reddit.

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  1. "Full disclosure, in that I am largely invested in XRP. I have total faith and zero doubt in Ripple..." RIP credibility