Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Verge against cancer

Hello Verge Community,

Money is such an amazing thing. You can have your biggest dreams come true. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that only can dream about seeing the morning sun the next day. We all have to face – in a certain way – the dark side of life that is called: cancer. Definitely one of the most vindictive sicknesses on earth. When you are confronted with this sickness, money and wealth aren’t important anymore. We at XVGmag hope you are all healthy and enjoy your lambo that you will be able to buy soon. However, we can’t ignore the people that only are praying to see their children grow up.

We came up with a great idea; Vergecurrency and her community is blessed with lots of amazing people. We can show the world that OUR vergecoin is not only to fill pockets, but can be used for amazing things.

Within two weeks, we will launch a crowdfund. With this, we would like to collect as much XVG as possible to donate to the world cancer organization. We will offer this donation in the name of the Verge community. We contacted the World Cancer Research Fund about how to set this up.

More coming soon.

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