Monday, March 19, 2018

What’s coming up in Verge’s roadmap?

When attempting to predict the long-term future price movements of Verge, it’s important to take a look at the future upgrades, improvements and releases planned by the development team. The Verge project roadmap reveals the following upcoming milestones, all scheduled for the first quarter of 2018:

I2P Android Wallet. This is designed to allow anonymous mobile transactions over the I2P network.   
Mining update. The roadmap describes this update as follows: “XVGui Miner, Official Mining Pool, Mining Guide”.
RSK smart contracts. Known as the Rootstock project, this will add a sidechain to Verge designed to process smart contracts.
New website. A website redesign that will include new how-to guides, an updated roadmap, a list of official core members and a blog with official Verge news.

Verge’s competition 

Verge faces stiff competition from a number of other coins designed to offer privacy and anonymous transactions. These include the following:

Monero (XMR). This is an open-source, decentralised currency designed to be secure, private and untraceable. It features in the top 20 coins by market capitalisation.
Dash (DASH). Designed to allow instant and private payments, Dash is regularly listed in the top 10 coins in terms of market capitalisation.
PIVX (PIVX). Built on the Zerocoin protocol, PIVX aims to offer security, privacy and low transaction fees.
Zcash (ZEC). ZEC is well established in the list of the top 50 coins by market capitalisation.
Nav Coin (NAV). A bitcoin-based cryptocurrency designed for fast transactions, minimal fees and the option for private transactions. Beyond 2018:

What does the future hold for Verge? 

In the emerging world of cryptocurrency, accurately predicting the future is impossible, so it’s extremely difficult to say with any certainty what lies in store for Verge beyond 2018.

On the plus side, there is undoubtedly demand within the cryptocurrency community for privacy coins, and if Verge can achieve a higher level of acceptance then there’s certainly plenty of potential for growth.

However, there are two major factors causing uncertainty around where the price of Verge will be headed in the years ahead. The first of those is the double-edged sword of regulatory changes, which, depending on your point of view, could offer benefits or serious risks to all privacy coins.

The second factor is market competition. The privacy coin sector is a crowded one and there are several currencies in direct competition with Verge, so it’ll be interesting to see how the landscape changes in the next 12 months.

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  1. Also, ringct has been announced. Here's what I wrote about ringct on my website (

    "RingCT allows you to conceal how much you are sending from the ledger. With ringCT enabled, when you send a transaction, more than one transaction to the reciever. These contain other funds from your address and act as dummy transactions to hide how much is actually being sent. The dummy transactions are then sent back to your address and the actual transaction is sent on to the receiver."

    In short, Ringct will be huge for verge as it hides the transaction amounts from the ledger.