Monday, March 12, 2018

Vergecurrency – The future is coming. Be part of it.

It is one of our most valuable fundamental rights that we have to cherish: privacy. You don’t have to go far to notice that this value is under great pressure. Just turn on the television and you will notice new measures that threaten our possibilities to be individuals; this is what privacy protects us against.

Now, imagine a world where our privacy is shrunken down to zero. At that moment, we will totally be a part of the system and be forced to live in a world were we don’t have any control of our personal identity. When that time comes and someone would ask you to describe your living environment at that moment, you probably answer that it continuously feels like ‘big brother is watching me’. And if I may add a personal note to this article… sometimes I have this feeling right now, in 2018, and it scares me.

A few things directly relate to our level of privacy. Probably the most important is money. With money, we can buy things that we attach value to, like a movie, a new car, a dinner with someone, and so on. On the other hand, we use money to pay our bills, possibly debts and other things that we don’t want to share directly with others, such as cryptocurrency.

From all the stuff we buy with money, an incredible amount of useful information will be generated and sold to third parties. When you buy, for example, a new car, an insurer company will call you almost directly to try to sell you an insurance. When you take a large sum from your savings account to help one of your children buy a house, three days later, you receive a letter from the tax authorities with the announcement to pay ‘indebted taxes’. There’s a lot of examples to come up with, but what I’m intending to do is to show you what our privacy is still worth. We never asked for anyone to wheel and deal our private details.

Instead of money in your bank account, we still have cash. When you pay in cash and don’t use any saving cards like, for example, air miles, your privacy is reasonably guaranteed. However, cash is more and more useless in more and more companies, were it was business as usual 5 years ago. They started to close automated teller machines due to ‘safety issues’. Then, large banknotes were not accepted anymore and at some point, we have to pay some extra, if we want to pay in cash. A large percentage is always given in the news as to which people pay in cash vs. card. Can you trust this? It always gets associated with safety. Of course, digital money is safer to use than cash, but I don’t want to exclude the huge extent of privacy that cash gives, and the inability of our governments to trace it. That’s why such a negative word is spread concerning cryptocurrency. They will be the big winner when cash becomes obsolete, and our governments know this.

Nevertheless, there is news - BIG NEWS. There are ways to buy things, do things, be an individual, and keep fully private by using Vergecurrency. At this moment, the Verge elite core is building some great platforms were you can use, trade and keep your vergecoins out of sight from ‘the system’. By using TOR and I2P technologies, you are guaranteed that your transaction is fully untraceable. Of course, there are other cryptocoins that suggest your privacy is safe. The big difference between Verge and other crypto’s is that Verge is built to BE private, while other coins just have privacy as ‘an additional function’. By using SVP technology, transactions are done within just a few seconds. The whole verge system is open source and adopted by a huge community that stands behind the Verge technology. It is ready to become mass adopted.

This is a guest article by Pieter Simon, who sent it to XVGmag. Pieter is going to contribute to XVGmag with lots of great articles. When he finishes his introduction, he'll post under his own name.

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