Monday, March 12, 2018

Verge Price Update 11/03/2018: A Slow Uptrend May Soon Form

Verge (XVG) is among one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies of the past six months. The currency shot to prominence over their Wraith Protocol which promised to take anonymity to a whole new level. Verge’s prices got another boost when controversial cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee began to tweet in favour of the currency. However, after peaking last year – the currency has slowed down. Let us take a closer look at how the XVG price has been performing of late.

(XVG) Verge Price Over The Past 24 Hours
Over the past 24 hours, the price of Verge has fallen by over 8%. The currency opened the day at a price of $0.040 and closed the day at $0.036. Between this period, the currency peaked at a price of $0.041 and hit a low of $0.034. The market cap at the start of the day was valued in at $593 Million, which fell to $539 Million by the time the day came to a close.

(XVG) Verge Price Over The Past 7 days 
Over the past week, Verge price went from $0.054 to $0.036 – hitting a high of $0.056 and a low of $0.032 in between. The week hasn’t really been eventful and the market cap of Verge fell from $797 Million to $539 Million – a fall of over $250 Million over the week.

Expected movement of Verge price | Image: Tradingview
The price fell by quite a bit over the past week, but the $0.032-$0.035 line is being considered the line of support from where the bulls are all set to take over. Expected trends indicate that there will be a small rise followed by the price reaching the same price once again before finally picking off and breaking multiple lines of resistance. Lines of resistance as well as lines of support will be tested multiple times, eventually leading to a new all-time high later next month.

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