Thursday, March 8, 2018

Top 21 Cryptocurrency Slang

Here is an explanation list of the top cryptocurrency slang. Learn these terms so you can “HODL” with the best of them.

  1. HODL 
  2. A misspelling of 'hold' that evolved into a shortened form of 'Hold On for Dear Life'. After buying crypto, a person who is HODLing intends to keep it even as prices go up and down. Originally a misspelling of 'hold', HODL became a popular term among those who buy cryptocurrencies. A person who does this is known as a 'HODLer' or 'HODLER'. You can find the original post that created 'hodl' here.
  3. FUD 
  4. FUD is short for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. FUD is any information that is supposed to create feelings of fear, uncertainy, doubt and other negative emotions.
  5. FOMO 
  6. FOMO is short for Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is often felt when you see a coin start to increase in value and you don’t yet own it.
  7. DYOR 
  8. DYOR is short for Do Your Own Research. There are many people who urge others to buy a cryptocurrency so the price will rise and they can sell it for a profit. DYOR is advice for people to study the website, reddit, forums, and other documentation on a cryptocurrency before investing.
  9. ATH 
  10. ATH is short for All Time High. ATH is the highest price an investment has ever reached in its history.
  11. Mooning 
  12. Mooning is the action of the price of a cryptocurrency going way up, sky high, and to the moon.
  13. Shilling 
  14. Shilling means tricking as many people as possible into thinking a cryptocurrency is valuable so that the price will rise and it can be sold for a profit.
  15. BTFD 
  16. BTFD is short for Buy The Fucking Dip. The price of cryptocurrency goes up and down, BTFD just means you should buy when the price is low.
  17. Flippening 
  18. The flippening is the shift of other cryptocurrencies growing bigger, more important and more valuable than bitcoin. Because the first major cryptocurrency was bitcoin, the prices and technology of most other cryptocurrencies have been compared and aligned to bitcoin. However, there are some other coins doing very well, and it is thought that ethereum or bitcoin cash will cause the flippening.
  19. JOMO 
  20. JOMO is short for Joy of Missing Out. This is the pleasure of doing what you are doing and not worrying about anything worthwhile you might be missing out on.
  21. Scamcoin 
  22. Scamcoin is a fake cryptocurrency created to make money for the creator while stealing it from those who supported and invested in the coin.
  23. Shitcoin 
  24. Shitcoin is any cryptocurrency that is disliked by the person talking about it. It could be any coin that is not bitcoin, or a coin that lacks any new or advanced technology, or a coin that has become worthless after launch.
  25. Whales 
  26. Whales are people or organizations that hold large quantities of cryptocurrency or stocks in a company. Because they can move buy and sell large quantities, they can greatly affect the price based on whether they buy or sell.
  27. Bearwhale 
  28. A bearwhale is a person with large quantities of cryptocurrency that uses his massive account to drive the price down and profit from it. A bear market is a decreasing set of prices for various types of assets and a bearish investor wants to profit from that. A whale is a person or group that hold large quantities of an asset and can because of that, can affect the price based on whether they sell or buy.
  29. This Is Gentlemen 
  30. This is Gentleman is an error in writing, “This is it gentlemen”. It is now used as an introduction for good news.
  31. Lambo 
  32. Lambo is short for Lamborghini. The exotic Italian sports car many investors in cryptocurrency want to buy when they are rich.
  33. Weak Hands 
  34. Weak hands describes an investor who doesn’t have the confidence in his investment to continue holding while the price falls so he sells it.
  35. Addy 
  36. Addy is short for address. Address is the string of letters and numbers that is publicly available and allows cryptocurrency to be received.
  37. Choyna 
  38. Choyna is a mispelling of “China”. Many people in China have invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies making them very influential on cryptocurrencies. Choyna is an imitation of Donald Trump saying “China”.
  39. Dildo (not what you think) 
  40. A dildo is a long green or red bar found on a graph showing the changes in price of a cryptocurrency. Green and red bars of any size are known as candles.
  41. Rekt
  42. Rekt is a mispelling of “wrecked”, it means completely destroyed and ruined. Rekt is typically used when a person loses all of his money with cryptocurrency.

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