Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Think twice before selling your precious Verge

The market is slowly recovering and positivity begins to flow through cryptoland again. It does not look very bright for Verge yet, but better times are coming. When the Verge price starts climbing, it becomes attractive for many to sell their Verge stock for a small loss or a small profit.

Do not do it! If you sell too quickly, you will scratch your head in a year's time, figuring out how much Verge you could have had, what it's worth at that time and what you could have done with it.
More and more crypto exchanges are putting Verge on their list and more and more companies are accepting Verge as a payment method. Don't ignore all the signs that we are dealing with something big and keep in mind that soon the following features will be implemented into Verge:

RingCT allows you to conceal how much you are sending over the blockchain. With ringCT enabled, when you send a transaction, more than one transaction is sent out of your address. These contain other funds from your address and act as dummy transactions to hide how much is actually being sent. The dummy transactions are then sent back to your address and the actual transaction is sent on to the reciever.  

RSK Smart Contracts
RSK smart contracts allow Verge to utilise smart contracts on the blockchain. This will be enabled in Q1 this year and also allows Verge to handle 2000 transactions per second which is 20 times more than what it is now.
Think Twice
These features are another proof that Verge is developing rapidly. The organization is professionalizing and the team behind Verge is listening to all questions, proposals and concerns and converting these into answers, actions and trust.

So again, do not sell your Verge under any circumstances! HODL a year, HODL two years, HODL till 2022 and then see what it brought you.

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  1. great job verge ! sune 2 rock this world booom.