Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On The Verge of Private Debit Solutions

Our beloved Verge Community member VergeLife wrote an amazing must-read article on Steemit. Here's a short intro:

Verge Fan: "Have you heard of Verge (XVG)? They're amazing!" 

Friend: "No, I haven't... what makes them great?" 

Verge Fan: "Oh MAN!! KING privacy token with IP Obfuscation, Wraith Protocol, Atomic Swaps, VISP secure messaging, I2P, TOR and that's only the beginning! They are about to implement RingCT, RSK, and a freakin DEBIT card being created specifically for Verge by TokenPay!!!" 

Friend: Yeah so, what does all that mean exactly? How is it better than all the other touted privacy coins?? and who is TokenPay? 

Verge Fan: Oh... err.. I... well I'm not really sure, I was just repeating everything I keep hearing from everyone else." 

Read the complete article here.


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