Friday, February 23, 2018

Verge and its massive Community

Verge has one of the greatest communities, so let's embrace the resources we have and get to know more about Verge and all the amazing features coming in 2018. It's great to stay connected but always remember to pay attention to the sites and community members you're engaging with.

I put together a list of official Verge / XVG social sites. I'm sure you have likely been on many of the social media sites and follow those that provide some valuable information in one realm or another. That's great. I'm always cautious about what sites I visit, which apps I grant permission to and so on, but with plenty of research (always do your own research)and paying close attention to the communities you join, there are many amazing sites and communities across the web and on mobile apps to stay in tune with Verge and the cryptocurrency XVG.

The first (and most obvious) site is, we will be providing up to date information about Verge. Focusing on all things related to the technology, upcoming updates, mining, how-to's, price analysis and more. We might make predictions from time to time, or post opinion pieces to keep a fresh perspective and open mind, after all, this stems from open source software and blockchain technology. Verge has a great community so make sure to join in the discussion and help provide to a positive ecosystem.

Verge on Twitter -
Always look at the actual Twitter handle, there have been a lot of fakes and scammers trying to impersonate the official Twitter account. Please, I can't stress it enough, pay attention.

I'm looking forward to seeing more support for Verge and XVG in 2018, continuing to contributing to the Verge Community and watching XVGmag become the go-to source for all your Verge Currency news, updates, and information. Find us on Twitter #XVGmag and shout out to the #VergeFam.

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