Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26, 2018

Verge Makes Hard Push Into Crypto Payments - Interview With Justin

Verge recently made an announcement that it partnered with Pornhub to start accepting Verge as a payment method. The adult entertainment world is a monster online industry so this is truly a big deal for Verge and cryptocurrencies. Since the announcement there has been thousands of Verge payments on Pornhub. We will be chatting with Verges CEO about this partnership and the future of Verge.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18, 2018

Brazzers Embraces Cryptocurrency: "The Future Just Came" (OFFICIAL COMMERCIAL) - ft. Stormy Daniels

Brazzers is now accepting cryptocurrency for payment towards monthly and yearly memberships on its website. Verge Currency looks to innovate how you pay for your adult content memberships. It looks to empower you by bringing blockchain transactions into your everyday life, and will make it possible for you to acquire Brazzers memberships privately.

Now you can enjoy an extra layer of security in the layer of anonymity that is added when it comes to payment with cryptocurrency on Brazzers. In addition to enjoying the unique and uncanny storytelling featuring A-List porn stars in high-end original content, you will be able to sign up in an even quicker, more efficient and more private way. The future just came!

April 18, 2018

XVGmag is looking for authors!

Would you like to join XVGmag?

Currently, we are a small team dedicated to sharing news stories, background info and deep interviews about Verge and it's partners. If you are a writer/blogger and your addicted to Verge you might want to join our team.

Further Details
We are seeking authors who can and will blog from deep within their love for Verge and from their own experiences. Writers who can lay themselves bare, where appropriate, and be absolutely real. We’re looking for the kind of author/writer/interviewer whose articles, stories and interviews force readers to stop in their tracks and think for a while. The kind of writers that speak truth and uplift the spirit around Verge.

Preferred Topics and Subjects
- News articles, stories and interviews about Verge and Verge members.
- News articles, stories and interviews about Verge partners.
- Crypto/Blockchain articles that affect Verge.
- Videos about Verge and it's partners.

If you would like to join our team please contact us ASAP by filling in the contactform at the bottom of this page or send an e-mail to!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April 17, 2018

Mindgeek and Verge sign global partnership!

Mindgeek, the biggest company in adult entertainment, is adding crypto to its payment options. The owner of Pornhub and Brazzers announced Tuesday it was entering into a partnership with cryptocurrency Verge.

The partnership sent Verge prices soaring more than 22% in the hours before the announcement, as investors awaited the long-teased partnership announcement. Verge began hinting a big partner was coming last month, launching a crowdfunding campaign with a target of collecting 75 million worth of the crypto. It’s unclear at this time if Mindgeek took an ownership stake in the currency.
“Pornhub is a global organization with nearly a hundred million daily users,” said Verge founder Justin Sunerok. “This partnership represents an enormous market with a global reach that will compete with fiat currencies. It’s huge for Verge and we’re extremely excited to finally be able to announce it.”

Mindgeek will initially accept the coins at three of its sites—Pornhub, Brazzers, and Nutaku, an adult gaming portal. Other sites will follow.

“​While the adult industry is becoming more mainstream, there are still a lot people who prefer to be secretive or private about it,” said Corey Price, vice president at Pornhub in a statement. “By accepting crypto, we are making the purchasing of content even more secure, which will appeal to those people. With the added incentive, we expect to see an uptick on the purchasing of content.”

The partnership is a notable one due to Mindgeek’s enormous footprint in the adult industry. The company, which publicly describes itself as “a leader in web design, IT, web development, and SEO,” controls the majority of the porn ‘tube’ sites, (think YouTube for porn), which stream XXX clips. While most users utilize the free offerings, there are some who pay subscription fees for higher quality clips.

It’s also the owner of several production studios, including Digital Playground, and controls Playboy TV and owns Spice TV. Adult industry insiders at other companies regularly accuse the company of stealing their content for the tube sites. It’s not a well-liked company in the industry, but it’s so dominant, others have accepted it as a part of doing business.

The Verge cryptocurrency isn’t without detractors, either. Created in 2014, it has raised alarms recently with allegations of paid pumping by John McAfee and its recent crowdfunding efforts that were used to “support development” of the partnership with Mindgeek. (18 million XVG were moved from the fundraising wallet without explanation, alarming some in the community.)

The adult entertainment industry, while usually quick to adopt new technologies, dragged its feet on cryptocurrencies. A push took place in 2013, with several companies, including Wicked Pictures, making initial plans to do so, but none of those came to fruition, in part (ironically) because of the fluctuations of the currency’s value.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 11, 2018

Verge against cancer

Hello Verge Community,

Money is such an amazing thing. You can have your biggest dreams come true. Unfortunately, there are millions of people that only can dream about seeing the morning sun the next day. We all have to face – in a certain way – the dark side of life that is called: cancer. Definitely one of the most vindictive sicknesses on earth. When you are confronted with this sickness, money and wealth aren’t important anymore. We at XVGmag hope you are all healthy and enjoy your lambo that you will be able to buy soon. However, we can’t ignore the people that only are praying to see their children grow up.

We came up with a great idea; Vergecurrency and her community is blessed with lots of amazing people. We can show the world that OUR vergecoin is not only to fill pockets, but can be used for amazing things.

Within two weeks, we will launch a crowdfund. With this, we would like to collect as much XVG as possible to donate to the world cancer organization. We will offer this donation in the name of the Verge community. We contacted the World Cancer Research Fund about how to set this up.

More coming soon.